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Error message when loading a multichannel audio file in the editor

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Any idea what could be the problem ?

I am uploading the log.



asked Feb 27, 2015 in Using Kyma by greg-grigoropoulos (Practitioner) (810 points)
Is this an interleaved multichannel file? Or could you send the file or a link to the file to symsound? Thanks!
Yes these are interleaved files, i've tried wav and aif versions with no luck.

For some reason the browser also sees them as stero files.

Anyway i am uploading one of the files.

Thanks !
So just wondering,  am i doing something wrong or indeed the wave editor doesn't support multichannel interleaved audio files ?

Correct, the Wave editor supports split multichannel editing (only stereo files can be interleaved).

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