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How do I control where the Tau playback cursor is placed?

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Is it possible to make it start from the beginning? Seems like I either need to let it play through the whole file or "scroll" back.

Is there any trick? Space+?

Would be handy if I could double click or something where I want it to start the playback.

Am I missing something?

Marius - Nooob
asked Mar 15, 2016 in Sound Design by marius-egenes (Practitioner) (390 points)

1 Answer

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Click where you'd like the cursor to move and type the equals sign (=).  The cursor will jump to that new position.
answered Mar 15, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (127,000 points)
Thanks a lot. All those small things..:)
Also Control+Space will replay from the beginning, no matter where the cursor is now.