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Warp like an Ableton?

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I`m trying to straigten up some of my files to be in sync with bpm. For example random stuff like Lysergic. Is there any neat way in Kyma to make for example transients snap to a bpm grid?


Marius - still nooob
asked Mar 15, 2016 in Sound Design by marius-egenes (Practitioner) (390 points)

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You should have a look at NeverEngine Labs

A few solutions are being developed there that might interest you

i am thinking especially of the new SpectralTransientDetection class by Gustav Scholda
answered Mar 15, 2016 by malcolm-braff (Practitioner) (770 points)
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There would be multiple approaches to making Lysergic feel in sync with BPM.  One approach might be to replace the random expression triggers (currently specified in terms of seconds) with triggers from the BPM clock.  For example in the Frequency field, in place of:

1 s randExp s random abs * 12 nn + 60 nn

you could instead use:

!BPM bpm random abs * 12 nn + 60 nn

and the other parameter fields could be:

FreqScale = 1 + (!BPM bpm random)

FormantScale = 0.5 + (!BPM bpm random abs smooth: !BPM bpm)

TimeIndex = !BPM bpm random abs

An alternative approach might be to find Chopper (ctrl+B to search for it in the Prototypes) and place it at the end of the signal chain.  This will chop Lysergic into longer and shorter bits (according to !DutyCycle) at a rate controlled by !BPM.

Hope that helps give you a starting point. Curious to hear your results!

answered Mar 15, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (119,300 points)
Ooo nice!
Thanks, I´m on it!

BTW, Marius, if you log in (see the link at the very top of this page), then you wouldn't be anonymous & you can start earning points for each of your comments and answers and questions ;)
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Thanks, thought I was unable to answer if I didn`t log in.
Thanks again, this worked as I wanted.
I´m trying to figure out how it can trigger more random in beat. For example to let it trigger 3 times during 4 beats etc.

Anyone with a hint?
If you open the Capytalk Reference from the Help menu (cmd+H) and search for "euclidean" you could try something like:

(1 bpm: !BPM) euclideanForBeats: !BeatsPerBar pulses: !PulsesPerBar offset: !OffsetBeats
I had forgot the cmd+H. Beautiful! Thanks again:)