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What does this WaveEditor message mean?

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Recently, when I try to make some Gallery from a sample, I get an error message from Kyma.


asked Mar 19, 2016 in Using Kyma by samuel-sacher (Practitioner) (580 points)
edited Mar 19, 2016 by samuel-sacher
Could you please check that you have the most recent K7 update? (the check is in the Help menu). Thanks!
Kyma 7.07f2 (1 March 2016)

my attached zip file disappeared for some reason ..
I can't see any attachment - is it this weird asDouble error? It seems the wave editor is trying to access a load of files from somewhere else on my hard disk instead of the one in the Sample Editor...
ah, i was in the 1st March version, but its fixed now

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Thanks, Samuel.  This is fixed in the next update (available soon)
answered Mar 19, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (124,560 points)
Great, thanks SSC!
You're welcome!  Thanks for reporting it!  The new version is available for download (as of 25 March 2016).
Unfortunately, my WE still doesn’t work properly ...
Kyma now shows “wrist watch” for, like, forever.
I had to ForceQuit to stop her.
No error messages.
Hi Samuel, if you open
Samples 3rd party:Larry Borden Trombonist:b flat 1.aif
for example, and click the Gallery button with the default options (Rate, Players, Modifiers), does it work correctly?  (It is working correctly here, so if maybe you have an extra file that is making Kyma go insane?)  Thank you for trying this.
Thanks for the answer ...
I’ve tried with that sample, but again ...
“wrist watch” forever

OS 10.6.8
Please try interrupting the wrist watch with ctrl+U.  If you can interrupt it and get a stack trace, please email it to support-at-symbolicsound-dot-com.
Have you stored new files in the Kyma Samples-3rd-Party folder?  If there is something wrong with one of those files it could be the cause of the problem.
Thanks for your help with a possible stack trace.
In the meantime, a workaround might be to try moving your samples to a new location (outside the Kyma folder).
Thank you for being here for me, sunday and holidays and all!

Tried with ctrl+U, and with ctrl+R, but to no avail.
I have to ForceQuit everytime.
As for samples, I’ll  move all 3rd party samples to another place ...
but Kyma “goes insane” :(
also with samples in her native Samples folder,
e.g. Samples/Music loops/Guitar.aif
All the samples that are in my folders look and play normally ...
except in WE, when I’m trying to make some Galeries.
When I press Grid, Kyma freezes also. No WWatch,
she just does not respond to any command.

Sad sunday.
I think I maybe have some clues!

When I try to make Gallery of a sample,
Kyma is apparently, in background,
checking all the audio files in her folder
(and converting 32-float ones to 32-integer)
No wonder it takes forever.

Why, I don’t know, she never done this before,
and why I can’t stop her with ctrl-U?
I removed all possible audio samples from Kyma folder,
except for African Finger Piano, in Sets of Samples/2 - Acoustic Instruments,
so I was  finally able to get some Gallery from this sample
But, when I put back in Kyma’s Waves folder
a Waveform folder with a lot of my waveforms ...
wwatch again
she is checking them all
although there are no 32-float format samples in it.

Also, while experimenting, Kyma asked me about this ZZZZ file,
should she convert it or not ...

I hope all this helps

thank you



I’ll send screenshots by email
The 32-bit float is a good clue.

For now, the best practice is to keep your own sample (and analysis file) libraries in a separate folder (not intermixed with the files that come with Kyma 7 and not in the Kyma 7 folder).  This is the best practice in any case since it avoids the danger of having one of own files overwritten if we should add a new system file in the future that happens to have the same name as one of your own files.

We are trying to address the problem but for now (so you can continue working), please move all of your samples files to a separate location outside the Kyma 7 folder and give it a name like Samuel_Sacher_Samples.  Then, from the Edit menu, choose Preferences and add Samuel_Sacher_Samples to your list of frequently used folders.
Ah, you wizards ...

yes, it helped to move all my files away from Kyma’s folder ...
although, it is not clear to me why this,
my files in Kyma’s folder,  
didn’t bother my dearest app before?
Why is she checking all the audio files?
Every time!
and, apparently, only on my system ....
For a time I’ll have to have 2 open SoundBrowsers on my screen, one for
Kyma 7 Folder, and another for my material
ok, but
it would help if Kyma could see aliases ;)

Thank you for helping me,
and I hope that you will find solution soon