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Separated side band ring modulator?

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As i am not the best at math, this has always evaded me in Kyma. I want to make a single band ring modulator that is able to produce the lower band and upper band as seperate outputs. I have been able to do this with analog equipment, but i know of course it is a completely different implementation in digital. every time i have treied, i end up crashing kyma, haha. Any thoughts on how this could be done? thanks so much in advance.
asked Mar 2, 2015 in Sound Design by jim-orourke (Practitioner) (400 points)
Have you tried the SingleSideBand Ring Modulator in the Prototypes?  Using two of them, you may be able to get the lower sideband from one and the upper sideband from the other.  Have not tried this yet so it is just a suggestion as a way to experiment.

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You can use a pair of Single Sideband RM w/Hilbert transform prototypes, setting one to ring modulate upwards and the other to ring modulate downwards and join them with a ChannelJoin.

We have attached an example.

answered Mar 3, 2015 by ssc (Savant) (120,590 points)
selected Mar 3, 2015 by jim-orourke
Thanks so much!, and for including the example...aaah! haha, negated, of course. I really should have paid more attention in math class. thanks again.
Thanks SSC!
Hello Jim O'Rourke!