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How can I create and save my own prototypes in the Prototypes area?

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272 views asked May 26, 2016 in Using Kyma by bartonmclean (290 points)

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Hi Barton,

Create a new Kyma Sound file and put the Sounds you want in there. Optionally you can categorize them by collecting (Action -> Collect). This way they'll show up in their own category on the left of the prototypes browser (using the collection name), otherwise they'll be in the General category. Then choose File -> Open and select Custom Prototypes from the file type drop down list and open the Sound file you just created. Kyma remembers the custom prototypes, so you only need to do this once. If you want to add more Sounds add them to the Sound file and then import the custom prototypes again.


answered May 26, 2016 by kymaguy (Virtuoso) (10,580 points)
Works like a charm.  Thanks!
Oops. I spoke too soon.  Your method of opening the custom prototype worked fine in terms of it eventually showing up in the Prototypes bar at the top. However, when I closed this bar and then reopened it via the System Prototypes menu choice, it was not there.  Any thoughts?
I never close the prototypes bar that's why I've never encountered that. You are right, this should be resolved by SSC I guess...
The System Prototypes remain the system prototypes.  To open your custom prototypes, choose File -> Open and select Custom Prototypes as Gustl outlined above.  Alternatively, if you never close the Prototypes window, it will reopen with your custom additions the next time you start Kyma.
Yes, this is very workable. Thanks.  Now a further query: Do these custom Prototypes act just like all other Prototypes in that they can not be altered or saved, or do they act like ordinary Sound files?
I guess they act like all other prototypes... will give it a quick test tomorrow though
When you drag a Sound from the Prototypes into a Sound file window, it first makes a copy so that changes to your dragged Sound do not affect the original Prototype.
If you double-click a Prototype to open it, Kyma makes a copy of that Sound and places it in the "Edited Sounds from Prototypes and Sound Browser" window at the bottom of the screen.
Your custom Prototypes and the System Prototypes share this behavior.
I was just looking for a way to add StemPrinter Tools to prototypes for easy access. A Google search lead me here. Thanks as always for your help, Gustav!