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Where is the Display List of !EventValues (hot values)?

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I'm trying to find different EventValues (hot values) relevant to the Wacom, especially velocity and acceleration.  I remember using Ctrl-H to display a list of HotValues. Now, Ctrl-H always opens the Capytalk Reference (Cmd-H is listed for Capytalk Ref -- I am on a Mac). Capytalk Reference is super helpful, but I'm still on the search for a list of available !EventValues. For example, I had forgotten about !PenRadius.

!PenDown, !PenAngle, !PenRadius, !PenBtn1, !PenX, !PenY, !PenZ, !PenButton1, !PenButton2...

Related secondary question velo and accel, I found that (!PenX smoothed derivative abs) accumulateWithHalfLife: !Tc s, works great.  Any EventValues for Wacom accel / velo?  e.g. !PenXAccel?
asked Jul 4, 2016 in Using Kyma by jonbellona (Adept) (1,270 points)
(!PenX smoothed derivative abs) accumulateWithHalfLife: !Tc s

You might try !PenX abs smoothed on its own just to compare the results.  In theory, integrating the derivative should just give you the original value back (with a possible scale and offset by constant values).
Thanks ssc. I tried both. The derivative winds its way back to 0, which is what I am after. No derivative does keep direction intact, which is nice. I did also try a different non-derivative solution, which I thinks works well.

((!PenX smoothed abs) - (!PenX abs) / ((!PenX smoothed abs))) abs smooth: 50ms

Although I think I am calculating speed, not velocity.

Couldn't add attachment posting files as future reference.
Hey Jon,

Velocity: !PenX derivative
Acceleration: !PenX derivative derivative

The only difference between velocity and speed is that velocity is direction-aware. So speed is: !PenX derivative abs

Smooth the results to your liking ;)
Thanks Gustav.

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For a list of all mappable controls, right click on a widget in the VCS.  Scroll to Controller, then Pen.  You'll see a list of all pen-related controls.
answered Jul 4, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (118,510 points)
selected Jul 4, 2016 by jonbellona
Are !KeyDown, !KeyNumber, !KeyPitch, !KeyVelocity and !KeyTimbre the only non-mappable EventValues that are already defined in Kyma?
Yes, that is correct.