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Why is the MultiGrid trying to schedule everything on Processor 4?

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Hi there,

I'm working on a MultiGrid and stumbled across some oddness: It's just a single track and contains 3 spectral processing Sounds. When I try to play it Kyma goes out of real-time although it doesn't warn me when compiling. Processor 4 is maxed out. When I select "Inactive" there's still something going on on Processor 4 but I guess that's just the basic stuff that runs when I run a MultiGrid... When I force each Sound to run on Processor 1 (using the ForcedProcessorAssignment) my grid runs fine. Processor 1 quite full, Processor 4 showing the same as when I switched to "Inactive" before. I guess Processor 2 & 3 are not even active now. Why is that? And what can I do about it? The ForcedProcessorAssignment is not a valuable workaround as some of my processes need more than one DSP...

I'm planning on having 2 tracks in the end (1 spectral, 1 audio) and I wouldn't mind scheduling the spectral channel to 1&2, the audio to 3 and let the grid have 4. The problem is the ForcedProcessorAssignment allows only 1 Processor to be selected...

asked Aug 30, 2016 in Using Kyma by kymaguy (Virtuoso) (10,580 points)
Please send us the Multigrid (either by posting it here or by attaching it to an email to SSC) so we can see what's going on.  Thanks!

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Solved! It was a problem regarding replication in one of my Sounds. Thanks SSC!!!
answered Aug 31, 2016 by kymaguy (Virtuoso) (10,580 points)