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pacarana in standalone mode

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I have noticed that when a sound is playing if i disconnect the computer the sound keeps playing, with active midi controllers and so. I wonder if there is (or will be at some point?) a way to set an initial sound/multigrid that is stored in the pacarana and that could automatically start playing at the pacarana start. Would be very useful for live setups.
asked Oct 18, 2016 in General by malcolm-braff (Practitioner) (770 points)
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1 Answer

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That one is on our list.
answered Oct 18, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (118,510 points)
That would be absolute amazing! Maybe a kind of "autoload" of a pre-compiled sound or multigrid/timeline with samples from an specific directory on an external firewire drive or a a small NAS would be awesome. Just my 5 Cent.
This notion is a good one. Looking forward to future developments on this front.
The idea that you could perform with a saved multigrid or timeline is brilliant.

Kind of opens my mind to the future Symbolic Sound Hardware :)