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Read until end of file (Multisample)

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Is there a way in Capytalk to make the Multisample Sound read through a folder of audio files based upon duration, that is, triggering the next file at the end of playing the current audio file?  I've done this in a Script (see, but now I'm looking to do similar processes in Sounds.
asked Oct 25, 2016 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by jonbellona (Adept) (1,300 points)
Hi Jon, is there a reason that the Script Sound doesn't do what you need in this case?
I've always hit the wall when trying to get a MultiSample to play a folder of audio straight through, which had me turn to Scripts. I guess I'm looking to incorporate my knowledge of manipulating files (e.g. Parameter Fields) with using full playback of a folder of audio files (e.g. dynamic lengths of time). I guess that's vague.

Maybe an example could be Polyphonic PitchShift on a batch of audio files?

Maybe I could front load the playback using a FunctionGenerator and then send this audio to other Sounds? I used Script to do playback. (attachment: )
Why don't you use your Script Sound as Input to the Sound you want to batch process? Or even simpler: Action (or Tools, don't remember) -> Batch Process
Gustav, that's it! I don't think I've ever used Batch Processing before, and it's great! Thank you.

Now I just have to figure out a good way of slicing off the zeros at the beginning and end of the file to match so I don't have to keep doing this manually.

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As Gustl pointed out, and for the benefit of others who may also be looking for a way to process an entire folder of audio samples, if you first select a processing Sound that has a replaceable input, for example:

Then from the Action menu, select Batch processing...

Then you can:

  • Select a file from the folder of audio files you'd like to process
  • Add an optional tag to the ends of the names of the new recordings
  • Select the file format for the new files
  • Create a destination folder
  • Add an optional "reverb time" on the end of each recording

This can be a handy way to process a lot of dialog or apply an effect to a large number of audio samples.

answered Oct 26, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (121,920 points)