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How to go about spectral panning and spectral height

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Hi All,

I musing on some of Denis Smalleys work where he creates planes of sound.  I am sure this is just done bt spectrally panning his sounds with higher frequencies appearing higher and lower appearing... lower.

Is there any way to artificially exaggerate the height of a sound perhaps using an ambisonic technique. I seem to remember Carla demonstrating some effective circular panning that seemed to lift up.

Hope that all makes sense.

I know neverengine has some good spectral panning which I am going to dig into this weekend.

Any pointers to research would be great too.

Best. S
asked Nov 11, 2016 in Sound Design by simon-smith (Practitioner) (910 points)

1 Answer

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One general approach might be to assign an OscillatorBank to each frequency band.  For example, you could take a LiveSpectralAnalysis and feed it into two different SpectrumModifiers: one that selects frequencies above a cutoff, and one that selects frequencies at or below the cutoff.  The high SpectrumModifier could feed an OscillatorBank that is panned to one position, and the low SpectrumModifier could feed an OscillatorBank panned to a different position. If the results sound promising you could continue the process, splitting the live signal into ranges of low-to-high frequency, somehwat like an EQ.

Curious to hear how it goes and what you discover!
answered Nov 11, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (109,680 points)