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Old Haken Continuum and Kyma 7 (Paca)

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Is there any problem/limit if I use the old Continuum (without the sound module) with my Paca? How does it connect? what are the main differences as a controller between the old one and the new one (apart from the different sensitivity and new and improved hardware)?


asked Nov 17, 2016 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by davide-favargiotti (260 points)

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Hi davide-favargiotti,

i use a old style full size Continuum with my Pacarana and it works great. I use it with a  Firewire connection.

The Continuum is connected to my TC Konnekt 48 Audiointerface throught a standard 1394a Firewire cable. The 2nd firewire port of the TC is connected to the Pacarana with a 1394a to 1394b cable and the Pacarana is connected to my computer on the 2nd Firewire 800 port of the Pacarana.

The resolution and response is super fast and feels better through Firewire then connecting it via the standard MIDI port. ( I guess it has something to do with the bandwith of MIDI and not the Pacarana. But the differnce is not so big. I rember reading that SSC optimized the MIDI connection with the Continuum too)

Of course you can use the old Continuum via MIDI too. Just connect you MIDI Output of the Continuum to the MIDI Input of you Audio/MIDI Interface. If you use a Macintosh another option is to connect the Continuum to you computers MIDI interface and use a software called KymaConnect from "Delora software"(

Lippold has a great support! When i bought my Continuum it arrived in a horrible damaged condition and i had to repair it before i could use it.

If you are not extremely experinced in electronics and mechanics don't try to repair it yourself.

Lippold helped me via email and with parts to repait it. I replaced the whole neoprene surface and some other smaller parts. It now feels and plays very smooth and i can feel no difference to the new one i checked out at Schneiders here in Berlin.

I have to say that if you buy an old Continuum you should be very carefull with it during transport.

I strongly recommend to pick it up if you buy an old one 2nd hand.  I  recommend to contact Lippold in case there is a problem. Don't try to open it before asking for help!

It might be good to check which version you are buying by checking the serial number and ask Lippold for advice.

I hope my experince can help you avoid those isuess i had.

All the best




answered Nov 17, 2016 by christian-schloesser (Adept) (2,900 points)
edited Nov 19, 2016 by christian-schloesser
Does the old (or new) continuum have a firewire port?

I can't see one and the spec at HakenAudio doesn't mention one:


Since I posted that comment I have now seen an old Continuum with a firewire port, however mind doesn't have one.