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Advice for connecting the Madrona Soundplane to Kyma

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Hi!  I may have asked this before.
I've had great luck a year back connecting Soundplane to Kyma.  But my luck hath run dry and I cannot for the life of me get them talking again so I kinda gave up on Kyma for a year but  would like to get this going again for my live set up.

I have definitely missed something! Any advice?

I have a Paca, connected via F/w 800 to both the computer and a Saffire Pro40 interface.

In the Soundplane Client, Osc destination turns up my little Paca box "Beslime - xxx" so it sees it.
I've clicked the KYMA button on the expert page of the soundplane client as advised by the little SP document. I've also tried Midi-MPE with no luck.

Any advice would be super appreciated. Thanks everyone!

I bought Kymaconnect again and got plain old Midi going for just about 6 seconds. No MPE.
Now Kyma receives midi (little flashing m) but no sound. The Kyma keyboard works but the Soundplane worked only for a few seconds. 

Has anyone had experience with Thunderbolt hubs? Perhaps the hub is fiddling with m'stuff!?


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If you want to use OSC to communicate between the Soundplane's software component and the Pacarana then the Paca(rana) needs to be connected to the same network as your Mac. One way to do this is to connect an Ethernet cable directly between the Paca(rana) and your Mac's Ethernet port. That is sufficent if the OSC software runs on your Mac (as it does in the case of the Soundplane). If you want other devices to also access Kyma's OSC features then using KymaConnect's PacaProxy provides the "network bridge" to do so, for example if your Mac also has Wi-Fi, is connected to your local Wi-Fi network, and you also want to use Kyma Control or vKiP.

If you want to use Soundplane's MPE implementation then you need a bidirectional MIDI connection (two MIDI cables) between your Mac and the Paca(rana). Since you already have KymaConnect that is the most straight forward way to do this. KymaConnect of course needs the network connection to the Paca(rana) in order to work.

MPE also requires that Kyma be configured for MPE operation. There is an option that enables this in the MIDI preferences.

When configuring the Soundplane's software to use MPE it will require a MIDI input and MIDI output port. If you are using KymaConnect for MIDI then it is better to use the "vPacarana" virtual MIDI connections that KymaConnect provides. There is no need to route the MIDI through KymaConnect's EXT MIDI slots. vPacarana provides software running on the same Mac as KymaConnect with a way of directly sending and receiving MIDI to/from the Paca(rana).

If you are seeing MIDI activity from your Soundplane showing on Kyma's (or the Paca(rana)'s) MIDI status, and not hearing any notes from your Kyma sound, then there is a pretty good chance that Kyma is not in MPE mode. Kyma by default receives MIDI on channel 1. MPE, on the other hand, uses channel 1 strictly for administrative purposes. All note events are sent on MIDI channels 2 and up (the maximum depends on the sound's current polyphony setting). Check if Kyma is properly set to allow MPE operation. If it is try reloading the sound.
answered Nov 21, 2016 by delora-software (Master) (5,420 points)
Thankyou so much!  That clears up a lot :) :)  
I'll dive on in tonight.

I have reset everything:
So far, when enabling OSC on the soundplane with Kyma running, Mac reliably has a  Kernel panic, so the problem might lie deeper.
I am just wondering, what is the version of Soundplane Client?
Hi Kiyoung-lee! :)
I am running Soundplane 1.4

We also just upgraded to OSSierra.
Soundplane-MPE-Kyma is alive!
Thankyou folk at Delora for that awesome forward answer and for making KC-vPaca which simplifies this rig, beautifully.  

I have had no luck with getting an OSC connection but MPE seems to be rock solid - We had a few problems with OSC (mainly lag and intermittent triggering) so I don't trust myself with it for now!

Back to OSC next week.
I am sorry for the late reply.

In my case, the version 1.4 does not work well with Kyma. I use previous version (1.2.5) for the Kyma.
If you want to try OSC, you can try the 1.2.5.

Madrona Labs aware of this situation and I hope the next update will be fixed.