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Is there an USB-C to Firewire adapter available?

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Since the new macbooks dropped the thunderbolt port and most pc notebooks are using USB-C now I was wondering if there is an adapter out there that works for Kyma?

asked Nov 26, 2016 in Hardware & Interfaces by kymaguy (Virtuoso) (10,580 points)
Hi All,
looking into a new PC at the moment and wondering if there are any updates or further advice to add onto this, or is the advice still current,
ie. You can connect a Pacarana to a PC without a firewire interface using StarTech Thunderbolt 3/Thunderbolt Adapter (TBT3TBTADAP) and Apple's ThunderboltToFirewire adapter.

Thanks :)
I should add I'm using a TC Electronic Konnect 24D audio interface
You could also use the Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter together with the Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter.
Hi SSC, I'd like to avoid too many adapters in a chain wherever possible, mostly to simplify troubleshooting if it occurs.

Would this unit be suitable?

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Yes, Apple sells a USB-C  Thunderbolt adapter that can be used with their Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter.

answered Nov 26, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (121,430 points)
selected Nov 28, 2016 by kymaguy
Does that also work with a windows laptop that has a thunderbolt 3 / usb-c port?
It's supposed to be a standard so, in theory, assuming they've implemented it correctly, then it ought to work (though it would be a good idea to test it first or find someone else who can confirm that Apple's adapter works with that particular laptop make and model).
working fine here on windows 10 using the StarTech Thunderbolt 3/Thunderbolt Adapter (TBT3TBTADAP) and Apple's ThunderboltToFirewire adapter :)
SN: I had to disable my Focusrite interface (which is used by the Pacarana) in the Device Manager to make it work.
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Hmm, seeing if adding an 'answer' bumps this to the top of the recent activity list
answered Aug 26, 2018 by sean-flannery (Adept) (1,490 points)
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I did some research before and this is the only one I can find with direct USB-C to Firewire, but it's kind of expensive:


answered Aug 27, 2018 by allen-wu (Practitioner) (370 points)
I don't know about OWC's thunderbolt 3 dock, but I've got a 2015 macbook pro and i'm running everything through their thunderbolt 2 dock except an external HDMI display. The HDMI connection on the dock isn't consistent so i just plug my external monitor straight into the laptop.

Everything else works perfectly though and back when I bought my mbp in 2016, I'd have considered purchasing one of the touch bar models if the thunderbolt 3 dock was available at the time. even with the iffy HDMI port, i still love my TB2 dock (and it's running my Clarett 8pre TB interface as well).

edit: this one's better if you want to go straight from TB3 to firewire: