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iConnectAudio4+ as an interface?

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iConnectAudio4+ should be a class compliant audio and MIDI interface, and I can use it with Reaper on the latest Max OS X without installing any driver on the Mac (in fact it has no drivers) and also on the iPad. It shows up as a MIDI interface in Kyma/Pacarana but does not appear as an audio interface.

It would be very very nice if it would work with the Pacarana as an audio interface because it can nonnect to two hosts at the same time and allows all possible routings (for instance I could stream several channels of digital audio between a DAW or iPad app and the Pacarana). It has 4 analogue inputs and 6 outs and 2 USB connections with i/o channels each.

Is there anything I could try in the configuration for the interface (number of i/o channels, buffers, clocking, etc.)? Or does it need a driver in Pacarana?

Happy new Year and cheers,

asked Dec 27, 2016 in Hardware & Interfaces by tibor-pali (210 points)

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Sorry but the maximum USB audio bandwidth on the Paca(rana) is stereo input/output at 48 kHz.  For higher bandwidth (more channels, higher sample rates), it's necessary to use a FireWire interface.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (115,600 points)
Thanks! Even 2 channels would be nice :)
I have tried to set the interface to have only 2 USB audio channels. Also varied between 16 and 24 bits and who is the clock master. No change so far.

Should it be exactly 48k (which I did not try) or can also be 44.1k?
What should be the bit resolution, 16 or 24 bits?
Should Pacarana be on internal clock?
Are there other settings to consider?
Sorry that interface will not work with the Paca(rana).
I can confirm that the MIDI4+ works as MIDI interface only, and not as an audio interface when connected to my Paca.