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MemoryWriter in Multigrid

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I'm running into an "wavetable never being read" issue with my MemoryWriter when I place into a Multigrid.

As context, I have Global checked in MemWriter (for any processor mismatch), I am not sharing MemoryWriters between tracks in the Multigrid, my recording name matches my Sample input, and MemWriter is checked in Sample. My WriterWriter works when played as a standalone Sound, but throws the "wavetable named recording1 is never read..." error in the Multigrid. Further context, the MemWriter is getting its input as a submix from another Track in the Multigrid.

The odd thing is, I have tested this MemoryWriter with 1 MemoryWriters, 2 MemoryWriters (named differently), and 3 MemoryWriters (all named differently) as Sounds in the Multigrid. Regardless of number of copies, the first MemoryWriter fails. It's like the Multigrid needs a dummy copy of the MemoryWriter before I can use.

My hacky solution is to use 3 MemoryWriters (since I use 2 in the Multigrid) with the Paca throwing out the first one during compile. Any other suggestions or things I should try?
asked Feb 10, 2017 in Using Kyma by jonbellona (Adept) (1,300 points)
Could you check "Sharing MemoryWriters" on the track where you added the MemoryWriters?

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Thanks, Knut, that's what I would suggest as well.  In the Gear menu just below the track name, select Sharing Memory Writers and set it to ON in the tracks where you would like to read and write memory.

Except in rare cases, you should uncheck the Global checkbox in your MemoryWriters; that gives Kyma more latitude in scheduling your Sounds across multiple processors and matching up the the readers and the writers (you don't have to worry about that; the Sound compiler does that matching for you).

In this video, if you skip to 27:08, there's a discussion about sharing memory in the Multigrid and Timeline:
answered Feb 10, 2017 by ssc (Savant) (120,590 points)
At 27' it is talking about UniqueMemoryWriter and at around 31:25 it starts the discussion of Multigrid.
Thanks ssc.  I've had the Track with SharingMemoryWriters turned to ON. I've now tested both ways without luck.

The description in MemoryWriter for Global must have had me confused. In any event, I've now unchecked Global without effect. At least now I get only an "wavetable never read" error on one processor instead of two.

AHA! I have it!  The Sample Sound which had the first MemoryWriter selected was the "Replaceable Input" (i.e. Sound name was highlighted in bright blue). I had to copy my Generic Live Source over this Sample Sound (the one highlighted in bright blue) in order to "take over" the Replaceable Input.

Problem solved.