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Different widgets in different Layouts for the same EventValue

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Quite often I want to use for the same EventValue different widget types in different Layouts, e.g. in one Layout a Fader and a Toggle in the other. But this doesn't work as expected: if for the same EventValue I used somewhere in a Layout a Toggle, the Fader even in another layout also jumps only from 0 to 1 without the normal travel through all values in between.

Is there a solution for this (except using two EventValues like "!XYsw * !XY" for the same parameter)?
asked Mar 11, 2017 in Sound Design by explodingtickets (Adept) (1,320 points)

1 Answer

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For the VCS layout where you would like to have toggling behavior, change the widget type to Vertical Radio Buttons. Then set the button labels by unlocking the VCS, selecting the widget, and choosing Set Labels from the Options drop down menu in the VCS editor. Set the tick mark spacing to 1, choose the list labelling scheme and set the labels to Off and On (for example).

This would keep the fader continuous on the other VCS layout while making the control discrete on this layout.
answered Mar 12, 2017 by ssc (Savant) (119,300 points)
Yes, this is a usable workaround (thanks for the fine idea) with two minor defiances: a) compared to a matrix of toggles a matrix of radio buttons is less lucid (two elements instead of one); b) the radio button switches from "off" to "on" at a fader value 0.5, but "off" at fader zero and "on" at any other fader value greater than zero would be wished.

(by the way another observation while experimenting: if I change the grid for the toggle to "0.1", then the scaling for the fader widget is wrong: with toggle on it has the value "10" ...)