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Naming issue with sample files.

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So here is something i've noticed with my system and i wonder if anybody else has as well.

I edit a stereo sample and save it within kyma.

I select two channels (1 and 2) and then the extension type.

If i select surround as numeric extension i get something like samplename.L.wav and samplename.C.wav

If i select numeric i get sampleName.1.wav and sampleName.5.wav

Both of them,  later become an issue when expanding the galleries since the system doesn't find the second file.

Now in my preferences i have select a custom quad speaker placement and i wonder if this is causing a problem ( although i haven't messed with the order of the first two channels left, right)

Anyone have the same issue ?
asked Mar 20, 2015 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by greg-grigoropoulos (Practitioner) (810 points)
Haven't been able to replicate this yet.  Could you please email the original file you recorded so we can try it? Also in the email could you please include a screenshot of your custom quad speaker setup in your Preferences? Thank you!

1 Answer

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Terribly sorry, it was my mistake...

channel 5 is underneath 1 and i had it selected instead of 2 :(
answered Mar 23, 2015 by greg-grigoropoulos (Practitioner) (810 points)
edited Mar 23, 2015 by greg-grigoropoulos