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Roli Blocks with Kyma

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Just considering in buying a Roli Blocks. Does anybody experimented this control with our beloved Kyma?

Creative regards

Luís Aly
asked Apr 22, 2017 in Hardware & Interfaces by luis-aly (Practitioner) (550 points)
Also interested in the answer!



2 Answers

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I was curious about this as well so I called SSC and Carla Answered (on a Sunday no less!)

The short answer is that so far ONLY THE ROLI SEABOARD BLOCK has been tested to be

working, plugged directly into the USB port on the back of your Paca[rana].


No Word yet on if the lightpad block works or if chaining as 2nd Seaboard block without plugging it in works, etc.


Still very interesting.  Seems like a good opportunity for any Block owners to do some more thoroough testing.

answered Jan 15, 2018 by knittingram (Practitioner) (310 points)
My issue at the moment with my Seaboard Block is Kyma doesn't respond properly in MPE mode when using KymaConnect, only when plugged in to the Paca/rana directly. Single channel mode works fine with KymaConnect. Nonetheless it is an amazing controller and you have a whole new Kyma with its expressiveness. Hopefully the kinks can get ironed out. I'm lusting for the Lightpad and will have it at some point. I too am curious as to how more than one Block will work in Kyma. I find any sound needs some tailoring in how it responds to each each Block parameter. I now consider it a vital addition to Kyma especially at its price point.

Let me add that C&K did fix Kyma so it works directly there's just a kink or two.

2nd add - the issue is I need to change the midi ch range using the Dashboard app before plugging in to the Paca/rana. I would love for this to be handled automatically.
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Im using them successfully by routing thru ableton to kymaconnect and assigning control by the learn function.. The MPE activity isnt  as dense as a keyboard with all those simultaneous notes.. so i can use them quite simply by assigning the various controls ( like xyz) to aspects with kyma.. as i usually use kyma with ableton its quite easy. ..
answered Jun 16, 2018 by carlg23 (220 points)