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descending arpeggiate partials?

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I'm trying to adapt the KBD Arpeggiate Partials sound, so when you play a key you start at the top of the spectrum and gradually descends down to the fundamental, the note you played. Poking around, it looks like the Spectrum Modifier is the place to tinker; specifically the HiTrack field:

(!LowTrack * 15) + ((!KeyDown ramp: (100 * !Sweep s)) * 256)

If I were able to substitute the ramp for an upside down ramp, would that do the trick? I don't see any reverse ramp in the Capytalk reference, which makes me think I'm missing something obvious. Thanks for any help!

asked Apr 30, 2017 in Using Kyma by stephen-taylor (Adept) (1,230 points)
edited Apr 30, 2017 by stephen-taylor

2 Answers

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Gah - I just searched for "ramp" and found a post asking about inverted ramp. I will try it!
answered Apr 30, 2017 by stephen-taylor (Adept) (1,230 points)
Well darn, I can't get this to work. Any ideas are much appreciated, thanks!
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I tried swapping the code around with a little twist like so:

In the HiTrack field use

!HighTrack * 15 + 1

In the LoTrack field use (note the minus sign between the bracket groups rather than plus)

(!HighTrack * 15) - ((!KeyDown ramp: (100 * !Sweep s)) * 256)
answered Apr 30, 2017 by sean-flannery (Adept) (1,100 points)
Perfect - thanks very much! Now I think I understand what the code is doing a little better!
Something I try when I'm working out what code does is copy a field's code and paste it into the Value field of a SoundToGlobalController.

In this case obviously you need a !KeyDown message to trigger it and I'd keep an eye on the numeric values of the GeneratedEvent value in the VCS rather than it's fader at first
Thanks - that is a great idea!