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How do I rewind to the start of the sample in the Wave editor?

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I see how to place the time cursor by double-clicking in the markers area, but isn't there some way to rewind to the beginning (and stop) and rewind and play from the beginning?

Thanks for your help!
asked Dec 30, 2014 in Using Kyma by dj-offbeat (Practitioner) (360 points)

2 Answers

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To rewind without playing, use Control+Left Arrow, for those who need it.


answered Jan 2, 2015 by ssc (Savant) (116,410 points)
selected Jan 14, 2015 by dj-offbeat
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Rewind and Play from Beginning: Command + Space

I don't think there's a rewind to the beginning and stop function(and I don't think you need it cool)




answered Jan 2, 2015 by kymaguy (Virtuoso) (10,580 points)