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Question about main Kyma 7 Folder structure

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What folders can we populate with our own files within the Kyma 7 main folder (located directly in "Documents" on osx), without worrying that files will be overwritten whenever there's an update?

I guess what I'm asking is, are the folders like "Global Maps" Sets of (X)", "Texts" etc, there for me to use to organize my own files, or should I just keep everything in one separate folder?

What I currently have is a folder called "-Aaron Library" with my own structure, but it can be kind of a pain to navigate between the substructure of ~/Documents/Kyma 7 Folder/-Aaron Library/Sets of Spectra/Motown Vox/" and somewhere else in the main Kyma folder quickly. I'd love to know what folders in the main folder I can "mess with", and what folders I shouldn't touch.

Right now, I just assume most of them are better not to touch due to sample dependencies, image files, tools, etc. And of course I'm not about to save anything in "Kyma Sound Library". Can I keep my own spectra in "Sets of Spectra" or will i risk those files being overwritten during the next software update?

thanks :)
asked May 24, 2017 in Using Kyma by aaron-zimmermann (Practitioner) (940 points)

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Hi Aaron, The safest way to go would be to continue using your "Aaron Library" folder inside the Kyma folder and save your Sound files, spectra, psi, etc in there.  Any of the other folders in Kyma 7 are subject to being updated in future releases so if you and we inadvertently happen to pick the same name for a file, yours might get accidentally overwritten.

From your path names, it looks like you're using Mac OS?  If so, then you might try dragging "-Aaron Library" over into the Favorites on the left pane of the Finder for quicker access and navigation.

Also, in the File>Open or select dialog, there's a menu up at the top where you can quickly navigate to recently visited folders.

Hope that helps!
answered May 24, 2017 by ssc (Savant) (118,030 points)
selected May 24, 2017 by aaron-zimmermann
definitely helps, and thanks! i haven't dared to venture into saving in those other folders and now i'm glad!

I hadn't considered using a finder window when working with kyma - guess i've just always been using the sound browser, but that's a great idea!