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What is the Ethernet port for?

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What is the Ethernet port on the back of the Paca(rana) used for?

asked Dec 30, 2014 in Hardware & Interfaces by dj-offbeat (Practitioner) (360 points)

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The Ethernet port can be used for

  • controlling Kyma via OSC or MIDI over OSC
    • by attaching directly a little WLAN router to Paca(rana)
    • by connecting Paca(rana) to a computer with an Ethernet cable to use OSC enabled client software as for example OSCulator, KymaConnect or others
  • maybe other things in future
answered Jan 1, 2015 by explodingtickets (Adept) (1,320 points)
selected Jan 14, 2015 by dj-offbeat