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Can cross filtering be considered to be the same as convolution, similar to, or different from?

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To my ear the results are in the 'simlar to' area but with more options. Can you shed a litlle light on the other differences if any


asked Jun 19, 2017 in Sound Design by sean-flannery (Adept) (1,490 points)
I think the short can be considered to be the same while the long can be considered to be similar to. Not sure though :)
iam curious about this as well, sean. maybe on of the synthesis experts can shed some light on this.
btw. is there a difference between a convolution reverb like altiverb and pete´s crossfilter algo?
would it change your way of using the crossfilter if you would know how it works in detail? ^^
Possibly, yes. Perhaps with more detailed understanding of what's happening you could make more informed decisions/approaches.

The abilty to update the impulse in real time is unique to Kyma AFAIK but I havent seen many sounds that explore that aspect.
The whole subject of what an impulse (or response) can be is fascinating
sean, you probably know this articles (about convolution-more in general):

and this:

the second article for example elaborates how the length of the ir effects the input.  

definetelly worth a read…
These are good reads :) I'm familiar with the tweaky article and that does give a great definition of convolution and it also says that CrossFiltering is not actually convolution though.

I think the answer is 'simillar to' and uniquely Kyma

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