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Spectral-Compressor Expander

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Hi All,

I use two Spectral dynamics plugins extensively and I would like to this process in Kyma.

These are Meldaproduction MSpectralDynamics

and Soundhack SpectralCompand


My Kyma knowledge is not up to it although I know the principles 512+ bands each with thier own compressor/expander with some function to adjust the ratio across the spectrum(tilt). Has someone done this already ( I did look into my Neverengine Spectral lab but could not find anything)?  Or could this tool be easily made? I appreciate the Melda plugin has all kind of bells and whistles but I was thinking more the Soundhack plug in as an example. Would this be useful?

It is a great sound design tool and with side chain can be used for subtle mixing mastering. However, the way I use it is less subtle...Here is an example


Processed: Chain is Send to Gate - Reverb - Spectral Compression also some Spectral Compression on the dry
asked Jun 21, 2017 in Sound Design by simon-smith (Adept) (1,200 points)
edited Jun 21, 2017 by simon-smith
In general, this requires taking the FFT, using the magnitude of each band to compute the compressor gain for that band and using that value in a gain before doing the inverse-FFT.
Wouldn't the spectralAnalysis give better results? a single sinusoid usually stretches across a few bands due to windowing while the spectralAnalysis already took care of extracting amps & freqs.
Check the WF AR Simon. There's a similar approach in there ;) Anyway, this is interesting, we should explore both ways in the WF lab :)
Thanks Gustav I thought this might interest you.

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