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Change inputs for Tape Recorder

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Is there a way to change the inputs into the tape recorder?  My interface is an Impact Twin, and while I use inputs 1 & 2 for microphones, I use inputs 3 & 4 for everything else.  When I open up the tape recorder, the default inputs are 1 & 2, and try as I might I couldn't figure out how to change them to 3 & 4.  I'm stumped.
asked Aug 7, 2017 in Using Kyma by john-balcom (170 points)

2 Answers

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In the DSP Status window, click Configure and select Route Inputs

That opens a matrix that you can use to route the input channels of your audio interface to Kyma input channels.

answered Aug 8, 2017 by ssc (Savant) (70,090 points)
Hmmm.  I tried that and wasn't successful.  The impact twin has six inputs.  In order for the tape recorder to see tracks 3&4, what tracks do I select in the Route inputs tab?  I believe I tried making inputs 3&4 the default inputs but that didn't work.  I spent some time trying a couple of different things in here, but still wasn't able to get tape recorder to see anything other than input 1&2.  Do I deselect inputs 1&2?  I don't think I tried that.
I would route the TC inputs 3 & 4 to Kyma inputs 1 & 2. My interface is a different model, but usually that would mean checking the first box in the 3rd row and the second box in the fourth row down.
Copy that.  Will do, thanks!
Got it working.  I think what was throwing me off was even after I changed the inputs in the route inputs matrix, when I would open the tape recorder the status window shows Audio Input: 1 2.  And I thought it was actually say input: 3 4.  It now makes sense to me cause I've routed device input 3&4 to kyma 1&2.   I've got it and now working great.
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I have here an Impact Twin and what SSC is writing is the answer.

I have 2 pictures with 1: basic settings and 2: what should work for you.

answered Aug 8, 2017 by roland-kuit (Adept) (1,570 points)
Thanks Roland.  I thought I tried this config, but it's very possible I didn't have things set up exactly like this.  Will give it a go and let you know the results.
This did the trick.  Tape recorder now using inputs 3&4.  Thank you!