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Is there a good grungy low pass filter for Kyma?

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Has anyone made a nice grungy low pass filter for kyma... or know of one?

(I know, the first thing you'll probably say is "what do you mean by 'grungy'?". Fair question, like the Korg MS10's filter, or the God's Box Humback filter in eurorack-land... if that helps.)

Here's a link to an example of the LowPassFilter in Kyma, using a saw tooth wave. There are several sweeps of the filter with different resonance settings going from 0 resonance to 1:

Here's an example using the Eurorack Humpback filter from GodsBox. Kyma is generating the same saw tooth wave, passing it out through the audio interface through the filter then back in to Kyma to record to disk. Again there's several sweeps with different resonance settings.

asked Sep 17, 2017 in Using Kyma by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (15,680 points)
edited Sep 20, 2017 by alan-jackson
Do you have a link to some audio? Is it resonance (feedback) that makes it 'grungy'? Or does it also have to do with the input to the filter?
I've attached a couple of example wav files to the original question above.
It might be both input and resonance. The input on the Humpback probably distorts a little. The resonance is quite extreme. In a middle resonance setting  (eg the second sweep in the recording) the filter has a kind of vocal quality to it.
Thanks Alan!
I am getting zero byte file when downloading the humpback example but perhaps you could try combining saturators, wave folders etc before or after the filter...Still  the harder part to recreate is the resonance behaviour imo. Generally analogue filters seem very difficult to be recreated with dsp even the ones modelled by cytomic (which are considered probably the best emulations atm) don't come close to some of the analogue ones i have used in eurorack.

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