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How do I replicate the VCS layout of a sound?

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I keep coming back to this question. If I create a complex sound and spend hours laying out its controls, is there a way that I can keep that layout when I use a replicator to replicate it?

At the moment when I put a replicator in front of any sound it wipes out all the VCS layout.

-BUMP- 20/Oct/2017

I'm bumping this question again. I've yet again found myself in a situation where I've spent some time creating a tight layout of 65 controls and I want to duplicate this 5 times. I'm not looking forward to spending a couple of hours reformatting 300+ controls. Is there some way of duplicating VCS layouts? I heard someone talking about this at KISS2017 saying something about dragging and dropping a Sound? Any ideas? Thanks!


Further experiments. If I put two copies of my Sound in another Sound I get two sub VCS:


but the VCS controls aren't "namespaced" so if I change a control on one sub-VCS it changes in the other too. If I put a replicator or prefixer in front of my sound it's going to rename everything and I'll lose all the layout.

(also I don't know why the !DutyCycle and !AmpLow controls only occurr in one of the sub-VCSes.



asked Oct 2, 2017 in Sound Design by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (15,220 points)
edited Oct 20, 2017 by alan-jackson
Could you please email or post your Sound, both alone and with the Replicator?
Given that the Paca -- with a bit of OSC nudging -- can regurgitate its settings, including the VCS layouts, in JSON form, perhaps some "export" and "import" capabilities in the next version would be nice...

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