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How to have a quad setup using outputs 5-8 instead of 1-4?

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In a multichannel setup, I want to merge some Kyma sounds which use normal stereo Pans (which are always routed to outputs 1 and 2) and some sounds which use multichannel pans (that refer to the Speaker Placement preferences)

What is the most DSP efficient way of driving the multichannel panners to a quad system connected on outputs 5-8, leaving sounds which use normal main outputs to default another system connected on 1+2?
asked Apr 14, 2015 in Using Kyma by cristian-vogel (Master) (8,390 points)
As you already said the MultiChannelPans refer to the Speaker Placement preferences. However changing them to outputs 5-8 results in no sound using a MultiChannelPan class. Using outputs 3-6 for the Quad works but only for the outputs 3 and 4. Strange...
Also I noticed that the MultichannelPan sound seems to replicate beyond its Shared input? The DSP usage increases much more than I expect it to when I am using it after a replicator. Like it seems to replicate again...
I have been running more tests, and it definitely seems to me that MultiChannelPan is replicating beyond its SharedSound, as DSP use goes up significantly even when I am explicitly telling the sound not to replicate an effect on all output channels, but only pan the input to the outputs using the SpeakerPlacement settings. Can anyone else confirm this?

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Don't know if this would be helpful for what you want to do, but something I've done in the past when I wanted multiple routings is set the speaker preferences to quad and put the multichannel sounds in the timeline, with the "use sound's internal panning" option for the track, so that it keeps whatever panning your original sound is using.  The quad speaker system would have to be connected to 1-4 though, of course. Then I put the stereo sounds in other tracks, and route those tracks to outputs 7 and 8 directly, where I connect the stereo system. Outside the timeline this can be done by feeding the respective channels of a stereo sound with channellers to the inputs of an Output8 sound (with constants going to the other outputs), and mixing this with the multichannel pan in a Multichannel Mixer. Not very elegant, but seems to work. I'd love to know if there are easier ways of doing this.
answered Apr 15, 2015 by hbbenard (140 points)
There'll always be a workaround or alternative way of achieving something in Kyma - thats part of the fun!