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Can you get 9 or 10 audio outputs out of a Paca(rana)?

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I'm working on a sound where I need 10 audio outputs coming out of kyma. Is there any way of doing that?
asked Oct 4, 2017 in Hardware & Interfaces by alan-jackson (Master) (4,030 points)
edited Oct 6, 2017 by alan-jackson
How do you want to use the 10 outputs? As audio signals or control signals?
Ah, my question wasn't clear. As audio signals. I've amended the question.
The maximum number of outputs is 8. Could you combine the 9th and 10th signals with outputs 1-8? Possibly by mixing 9+1 and 8+2? What are the destinations for the 9 outputs; do you have 9 speakers? Or are they being used as control signals? Let us know how you are using the 9 outputs; maybe there is a way to accomplish what you need to accomplish.
I have 9 speakers plus one headphone monitoring channel with different sounds on it, making 10 output channels in total. All the output channels are audio.

Output channels 6, 7, 8 and 9 are basically acting as the output of a quad panner for a single input channel.

The full scheme looks like this:

Ch1 In -> unique processing -> Ch1 Out
Ch2 In -> unique processing -> Ch2 Out
Ch3 In -> unique processing -> Ch3 Out
Ch4 In -> unique processing -> Ch4 Out
Ch5 In -> unique processing -> Ch5 Out

Ch6 In -> quad panner -> Ch 6 Out (Front Left)
                                     -> Ch 7 Out (Front Right)
                                     -> Ch 8 Out (Back Left)
                                     -> Ch 9 Out (Back Right)

    unique sounds / mix -> Ch 10 (monitoring channel)

I was considering doing the quad panning of Ch6 In using hardware eurorack VCAs and controlling that from midi from Kyma. But that will involve expense, weight and programming a midi panner in Kyma, although less expense than getting a second paca. Getting Kyma to do a normal quad panner is easy if I had enough channels.

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