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always silent - first with Saffire pro 14 and now Behringer FCA610

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Hi, not had any success yet with making any sound from my new Kyma 7 system.  First tried the Saffire Pro 14 (as listed) and deleted all Saffire files on mac (using mac clean) as advised but the Saffire was never seen by paca(rana) - remained on 'silent' status in Kyma.

So, now have a brand new FCA610 firewire (as looked like a friendly device for the system) connected it up and for the first 1/2 sec it saw it on the Status window but then went 'silent'.  Since then it has remained silent and never seen. Tried both connecting Behringer 610 to the paca(rana) firewire and to the second iMac port but both ways 'silent'.  610 works good via firewire cable without paca(rana) connected to iMac. When paca(rana) is connected I notice that the system preferences does not see the 610, which I believe is how it should be.  I am wondering if the problem lies with the fact my iMac is run entirely off an external SSD via USB3 as my iMac internal HD went down a year ago.  Never had any problem with this system on anything else. However, the original internal HD is still in the mac and although not working has to be ejected when the mac is started up.  

Finally, I want to run the system with the 610 now (not the Saffire).

What to do?
asked Oct 25, 2017 in General by tom-williams (120 points)
Hi Tom, could you please try running Audio MIDI Setup? Check to confirm that the iMac is not using the FCA for its output, input or for system alerts. (The fact that you saw it briefly and then it disappeared may indicate that the iMac is taking it over).

You wrote "When paca(rana) is connected I notice that the system preferences does not see the 610, which I believe is how it should be.". When you go to the Apple Menu>About this Mac>System Report, you should see all FireWire devices listed under Hardware. The Mac should see the FCA on the bus (otherwise, it could mean that there is a bad connection).
Could you please describe how the Pacarana, iMac, and FCA are connected with each other? Thanks!

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Maybe a stupid question, but did you click the check box?

Your device is not automaticly seen the first time.

answered Oct 26, 2017 by roland-kuit (Master) (3,350 points)
Yes, that is where I have been looking and it is silent device with no other device given.
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I'm using a Saffire without any issues, did you try the instructions described here?
answered Oct 26, 2017 by kymaguy (Virtuoso) (10,580 points)
Hi, yes, and I did follow this up ensuring all files deleted - the 'silent device' problem also occured with the Behringer FCA610 - an interface I have never used and do not need to install any drivers for.   I have tried now the Kyma Paca(rana) with a macbook pro and all works fine! - it sees the Behringer 610 without any issue and the audio is all good.  Consequently, I am sure the problem lies with the fact that I am running my iMac off a SSD external via USB3 (as the original iMac HD is broken for good - all warranties run out). I am now thinking that the only way to have the system see the audio interface is with a new iMac!
Hi Tom, could you please send (via email) the system profile from your iMac? Thanks!
Hi, what is your email?
Hi Tom, sorry we missed this earlier. The email is