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Roli Rise MPE - two questions

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Hi all Brand new to Kyma so apologies if I'm being dense. I'm using a Rise 25 and I can't seem to get MPE working correctly. I seem to have KeyTimbre! working ok as front/back. But how can I have aftertouch working also? What is the command? Also, if I have more than one midi controller set I can't get the Rise to work anymore. I want to use the Rise plus a Kenton Killamix. How can I do this please? Thanks
asked Oct 27, 2017 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by ghood (Adept) (1,120 points)

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In MPE mode, !KeyVelocity is continuously updating, so it should serve the same function as after-touch.

Could you use Delora software's Kyma Connect and route the Killamix MIDI to the Pacarana through your computer via USB MIDI?

answered Oct 27, 2017 by ssc (Savant) (73,090 points)
Oh, i see thank you! I didn't realise !KeyVelocity is always updating.  I've not tried Kyma Connect (primarily because my router isn't the same room as my Pacarana and I don't have a spare port on my macbook pro for a ethernet to thunderbolt.  I'm going to get a thunderbolt hub which has an ethernet port though...this should help then if I can merge.  I was under the impression Roli didn't work through Kyma Connect but I guess you are saying that the Roli remains connected straight to the Pacarana and the Killamix goes through Kyma Connect...i'll try!
KymaConnect passes all MIDI, including MPE, from the source to the Pacarana.

Be aware though that MPE can use all 16 available channels so it can be tricky to merge other data, such as the Killamix. Your best bet is to have the Killamix operating only on channel 1 as MPE treats that as its global channel; the other channels are reserved one per touch. Also there are some MIDI CC's on channel 1 that are considered reserved by MPE for its use.

By the way MPE is not a special, "new" addition to MIDI. It is merely a convention that has been adopted by different concerns to facility multidimensional instrument control. It uses the same MIDI commands that have been around for ~35 years.
Just to follow up on this, after much trying and e-mail discussions with Delora (thanks Doug!) it seems that the Rise 25 doesn't pass it's MPE through Kyma Connect.  Or at least it does but it doesn't work when it gets into Kyma (MPE activity shows on the midi activity window in Kyma correctly).
I can get the Rise working in MPE mode plugged straight in to the pacarana and I can get it working via KymaConnect when in normal (non-MPE) mode.  If anyone successfully got the Rise 25 working through KymaConnect i'd be very interested to hear from you.  Thanks so much!