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Latest update (14th of December 2017)

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The Kyma 7 update tells me to use a downloaded Installer found in the Kyma 7 folder inside os x Applications folder, but I can't find it after the download completes? I tried second time and could see a Disk image (T Kyma-Installer.dmg) being created in there, but it disappeared as soon as I quit Kyma 7 to proceed with the update?

Is there a bug that deletes the dmg file?

My system is OS X High Sierra.
asked Dec 14, 2017 in Using Kyma by anssi-laiho (Adept) (1,120 points)
Hi Anssi,
The Kyma 7 Folder ought to be in Documents (or some other location under your home directory). Apple doesn't recommend that you put anything in the Applications folder other than applications. In other words, Kyma 7 (the app) goes into the Applications folder, but the Kyma 7 Folder (with the Sound library and other files) should be in Documents, your Desktop, or some other location.
The first time you run the Kyma 7 application and it downloads the files, Kyma will ask you where you would like to create the Kyma 7 folder. We recommend that you create it in Documents or your Desktop.
Thanks for the info! I thought the Kyma 7 folder was supposed to be in Applications folder. I think the latest OS X versions have been more and more zealous in protecting the Applications folder, so I think it was something to do with Kyma not being allowed to create the installer in there. I'll move my Kyma 7 folder to my "Sound Library HDD".

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3rd time tells the truth as a saying goes here in Finland. I got it to work third time around.
answered Dec 14, 2017 by anssi-laiho (Adept) (1,120 points)
Interestingly, "Third time's the charm" is a common saying here in America, while a Brit might say "Third time lucky".
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