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SplitSurroundFilePlayer 5.1 stuttering playback

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I'm building an installation with Quad+Sub setup on a Kyma Timeline. I ended up oragising the project so that I use mainly split surround files because of running out of processors on my Paca all the time. (I have short samples that are being loaded in to Paca's RAM, but with longer files I run out of RAM.)

My Samples Folder is HUGE! more than 10GB's is being used in the timeline altogether, but only so that max 2 SplitSurroundFilePlayer's (12 channels of witch centre is a dummy so that I get a discrete sub-channel) are run simultaneously. The timeline is controlled by WaitUntil-triggers and couple of TriggeredSoundToGlobalControllers creating programchange's in order to jump to markers. It's very simple on programming.

My problem is that every now and then when I'm testing the timeline the playback starts to stutter, at first I thought it was the USB2 external disk being too slow when I built the installation on an empty test space with a laptop, but now the stuttering is happening on my studio computer's SATA HDD as well.

I also get an error messages "Unhandled FireWire bus reset or FireWire error. (22)" when I try to play the Timeline. It plays OK from the beginning, but I get errors when I try to it back play by clicking the time ruler. If I click the ok dialog box button, another message opens: "No Error" ??

Is there any way that I could optimise the streaming of the TImeline?

One option would be if we could have an option for quad+sub (4.1) on the SplitSurroundFilePlayer. But this would only help out in the future.

I can downsample to 44,1khz/16bits, but it's only marginal gain.

Does setting large I/O-delay help in anyway?

I'm on a OS X HighSierra computer. FW800 to computer and FW400 to audio interface.

I have some simple OSC communication going on as well between MAX and Kyma. (NeLabs SoundToOSC's)

Yours Anssi
asked Jan 3 in Using Kyma by anssi-laiho (Practitioner) (670 points)
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Do you have Use Sounds' Internal Panning selected on each Timeline track?
Do you have RAM selected on the Split Surround player?
As a test, have you tried removing the SoundToOSCs to see whether that has an impact?
Does it happen only when you jump around in time?
I think I found out the culprit! After installing the new via drag and drop in december I forgot to check if OS X "App Nap" was disabled. It was on. After I turned it off, the disk streaming seems to work as expected!

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