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How can I create a simple wavetable built from values of VCS sliders?

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Hi. Glad to give the new QA a whirl with a question I've been pondering for a few days now.

I am trying to create a "lo-fi" wavetable synthesizer whose table has 32 samples of amplitude, each of which can be individually controlled in real time. My initial goal is somewhat akin to the left-hand portion of this VST plug-in:

My first unsuccessful attempt (see attached file) took a "Pulse Train", and ran it into a "Constant" with:

((Pulsetrain) countTriggers) Mod 31) of: #(!Sample1 !Sample2 !Sample3 .... !Sample32)

But this doesn't work. I believe because the "Constant" can't output at the audio rate (reading this question here:

Any alternate solutions? Of course I can create these wavetables using the Sample Editor, but I want to be able to use "Interpolate Presets" to move through different slider settings of wavetables and have control of each individual sample.


asked Jan 4, 2015 in Sound Design by simon-hutchinson (Practitioner) (410 points)

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Hi Simon,

i would suggest that you have a look at the XenOscillator Protoype.

You can configure it to have 32 breakpoints with !HotValues.With smoothing set to 0 you will get a stairstep waveform which will give you a kind of "Lo-Fi" waveform as requested.

You can then use the Interpolate Preset Prototype to interpolate from one to the next waveform saved in different Presets.

All the best


answered Jan 5, 2015 by christian-schloesser (Adept) (2,890 points)
XenOscillator is similar to InputOutputCharacterstic which is also a good candidate to base your design around
Hi Christian,

Thanks! XenOscillator is exactly what I was looking for.

...Way easier than the way I was doing it.

Christian V. - thanks for the heads up about the InputOutputCharacteristic too. I'll likely have a use for that as well.

Thanks again,