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Roli (Rise and Seaboard Blocks) MPE through Kyma Connect

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Hi These roli controllers work in MPE mode when plugged straight into the paca(rana) however MPE doesn't work via Kyma Connect (if you try and plug the roli controllers in to your computer). For me this is really frustrating as it means I have to keep changing configuration if I want to use my Rise 49 with both Kyma and other software/hardware, such as my Deckards Dream. Does anyone know if anything can be done to get MPE sending through Kyma Connect (it works for Haken/Linnstrument I believe just not Roli) and/or another way to control other hardware/software with MPE using Kyma to send midi out? I tried multiple midi note output modules set to different midi channels but this seems not to work. Thanks very much Geoff
asked Jan 29, 2018 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by ghood (Master) (3,020 points)
I agree, I would think it's possible, I've been meaning to get this conversation started. Symbolic and Doug Kraul should have a chat about this and maybe include Roli. It is frustrating to say the least.
Just to follow up on this.  I tried to get around this by purchasing a Teenage Engineering OP-Lab which can be used to route midi/other controls/audio between a variety of sources (usb, din, cv/gate).  I was hoping that by plugging my Roli Rise 49 into the OP-lab i could then send midi out to both my computer (via usb) and the pacarana via standard/din midi on my MOTU track16.  The midi is correctly routing into the track 16 and showing via Kyma's midi viewer...but no joy. Kyma just refuses to actually listen to the midi when you compile even though it can clearly see it correctly. Any help please? It's incredibly frustrating to have a nice MPE controller which can either work with my computer/Deckards Dream OR Kyma but not both.

Thanks so much

PS. I have also tried OP-Lab usb to pacarana - same thing, kyma can see the midi correctly but ignores it.
Kyma is not ignoring the MIDI; you just have to use the MIDI key events and channels differently in your Sound for MPE (for example, each key down is on a separate MIDI channel). For now, the best solution is to plug the ROLI directly into the USB port on the back of the Pacarana. We are working with Delora and Roli, but it may take some time to make all three pieces of software/hardware work together.
I didn't thing you were ignoring the issue, I know you guys take care of business :) Roli and Kyma are an incredible combo!
Thank you SSC!

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Hazzarr! I have a working solution...I can't believe I didn't think of it before but if you use midi over bluetooth from the Roli you can keep it plugged into Pacarana via USB and play my DAW/Deckard's Dream via bluetooth midi (the latency of which seems fine!).  Fantastic news!

A fix still appreciated of course but for now this is great and hopefully aids other Roli users.

Feeling pretty stupid for not trying it...I guess i just never even thought of midi over bluetooth.  Very 2018, haha!
answered Feb 10, 2018 by ghood (Master) (3,020 points)
Nice! I will try that out.
hi ghood, thats very interesting.

Unfortunatelly I couldn't replicate it here, it seems Audio MIDI setup can only find my Roli 49 when it isn't plugged with Pacarana.

any suggestions?

Unfortunately I swapped my Roli for a Continuum some time back so I can't help with setup. Just to audio/midi setup I was clicking on bluetooth midi, making sure the roli was sending bluetooth and then hitting connect. From memory this worked.
This won't help everyone, but if you have Bitwig, you can use an instrument channel in Bitwig to receive midi from your Roli and then route it back out with mpe intact using the HW Instrument device, works perfectly.