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What version of mac OS/OSX does symbolic sound recommend?

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I've recently installed 10.13.3 High Sierra and It's a bit wonky. Kyma seems to be less responsive. What is the latest version of OSX you guys feel comfortable running Kyma with?

Also, if you *can* recommend High Sierra, should I stick with the HFS+ filesystem or is it cool to run case-insensitive APFS?
asked Feb 15 in General by aaron-zimmermann (Practitioner) (750 points)

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We are using 10.13.3 High Sierra with no problems. We're using the HFS+ filesystem (we do not recommend the case-insensitive APFS for use with Kyma 7).

answered Feb 15 by ssc (Savant) (71,030 points)
selected Feb 15 by aaron-zimmermann
ahh thanks! I think i'll be reinstalling with HFS+ then. I'll admit that i was pushing my luck when I decided to try out APFS. Really appreciate the info!