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BPM from external control

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I'm trying to figure out how to control BPM from Max.

I scaled the VCS from 0 - 600 and I scaled the Max output 0 - 600 to 0 - 127 to be able to send MIDI through KymaControl from Max to Kyma.

The scaling gets messed up somewhere in the send and receive data. 

Do I need to make a grid in the range of the Kyma VCS?

If I could simply send OSC messages directly and drop MIDI all together, this communication would be much clearer for me to resolve.


asked Feb 20 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by anne-la-berge (Practitioner) (960 points)

1 Answer

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When we set up a BPM fader with a range of 0 to 600 and slaved it to a MIDI controller and then sent 127 on that controller, we are getting 600 in the BPM fader.

It could be that Max is not sending 127 when the input is 600. (In fact, if we send 126 to Kyma, we see a value of 595.28, which is very close to the value you were seeing when Max was sending 600.

You can check to see what Max is sending by using the Kyma Event Log (choose MIDI from the Configure drop down menu of the DSP Status window and then click the Show MIDI Messages button).

If you can get by with a smaller range, it might be better just to offset the BPM values and not scale them. For example, you could set the range of BPM to be 473 to 600 in both Max and Kyma and then you would get the same values in both.

Alternatively, you could send a 14-bit controller from Max and then you should have enough accuracy to keep the same BPM in Kyma.
answered Feb 21 by ssc (Savant) (71,030 points)
Kyma is indeed receiving 127 from Max.

It reads in the Event Log:
M06 B0 10 7F ch: 1 cc16: 127 (1.0)
I am sending a 14-bit controller from Max, I think. ;-)

I'll keep experimenting and make a smaller range for now.
The lack of precision doesn't bother my music making. It just makes me wonder why in case I need to be more accurate in the future.
This may be a dumb question, but why can't you send OSC from Max to Kyma?
Hi Steve, just to confirm, yes you can send OSC from Max to Kyma.
Got the OSC working! Still figuring out the protocol for specific VCS messages such as !Vol. Floats and integers are coming in loud and clear.