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cascading sound - "fathers" and "sons"

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hello there,

I am tryig to develop a genetic simulation in real time. For this, I have several sounds (it can be an oscillator or a sample) and I want that the level of the "father" controls the level of the "son", the level of the "son" controls the level of the "grandson" and so on (I would use more or less 12 generations). Essentially, the level of the "father" is a ramp00, and the level of the "son" is another ramp00 triggered only if the father is alive and a probability condition becomes true.

It works, but I would prefer to implement it in a more elegant way, like with a script.

any suggestions?


asked Mar 1 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by domenico-cipriani (Adept) (1,420 points)
Do you want to use a Script to create the cascade of Sounds?
yes, to create the cascade of Sounds and to have this correlations betweend "father" behaviour and "son" behaviour".
at the moment I found a solution, usingt he NeverEngineLabs, ArraytoGlobalControllers, where I can arrange the GeneratedEvents in order to be useful for me.
but I am still interesting to learn how these things can be done with a script.

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maybe one of the first sound examples i uploaded to the new forum might help you with that task:

It is a simple script which creates instances of the same structure which you could modifiy with global controllers to adapt the behaviour you discriped based on a simple comparison..
answered Mar 14 by christian-schloesser (Adept) (2,490 points)
selected Mar 14 by domenico-cipriani
thank you very much Chris, this example was very useful.
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To see an example of how to build a cascade of Sounds using a Script, please search in the Sound Library for

sound builder

answered Mar 1 by ssc (Savant) (71,030 points)