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Possible to multiedit sounds?

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If I open a kyma sound like "harp gliss extreme time stretch" and I would like to replace all of the source wav files in all 8 grain clouds at once with the same wav file, is it possible to edit the "sample" field text in all 8 grain clouds at once? This would be very handy.

I've gotten very used to another software I use that allows you to multiedit parameter fields that are shared among selected objects. For instance if I selected 5 objects that all have a "volume" parameter field, and go to edit them, I would get a singe paremeter edit field that would apply the changes to all selected objects. This makes it easy to make settings uniform across all selections.

If this is not possible currently, I hope you'll consider this in future updates.
asked Mar 10 in Using Kyma by jason-wolford (240 points)

3 Answers

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Thanks, Jason; for now, maybe you could put green variables into the fields that you want to change (then you could set them from a single point in a Script). For EventValues, you can use the TransformeventValues Sound to remap all EventValues of the same name into another EventValue or EventExpression.
answered Mar 10 by ssc (Savant) (70,990 points)
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Here's an example of what I meant about using a Script to set the samples file names in a Sound.

answered Mar 13 by ssc (Savant) (70,990 points)
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Actually, for the specific example you mentioned, the Sound could be reimplemented using Replicator (since the six component Sounds differ only in their pan positions, this could be made a function of ?VoiceNumber. Here's an example of the harp gliss extreme time stretch implemented with a Replicator. In this form, you only have to change the sample in one spot to change all six copies at once.

Also, if you select your original sample in the Sound Browser, then create a Gallery on that sample with the Manglers option checked, you will get an example of an alternative way to do extreme time stretching on that particular sample.

answered Mar 13 by ssc (Savant) (70,990 points)
Replicator solves the problem because there is now only ONE place where you change the sample file name.