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Wacom Tablet still not working

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I recently purchased an Intuos Draw Tablet. It is working on my laptop but not as a sound controller with Kyma. I found this post from last November and downgraded my driver to 6.3.23-3. It is still not working. It allows me cursor control (was not even doing that before), but when I open a Pen sound, and open the Pen status window, there is nothing.

I have made sure to select Cursor Behavior: Do not click, but cursor control.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


asked Apr 3, 2018 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by ryan-billia (130 points)

Hi Ryan, 

I work on Windows 10 and an old Wacom Intuos 5 tablet.

I work with the same 6.3.23-3 driver.

after installing I went to the Intuos software and did the tests, ok.

starting up Kyma and went to preferences Wacom.

selected cursor control. This works for the eraser of the pen as keyboard.

when I want to work with my fingers, I select continues control.

For testing sounds, you can find Pen sound examples.

Like testing all controls.

I always pick this one first, before working with other pen sounds.

If all is ok, you will hear a little 'tick' sound from your speakers and see the controllers on your screen moving.

It was a lot of sorting out what would work on my side. 

On my former laptop I had to start Kyma first before plugging in the Wacom.

Try adding new hardware in Windows and select your Wacom.

These is also a trouble shooting thing in W10.

Did you remove the first not working Wacom driver before installing 6.3.23-3?

Also check updates for your computer and Windows.

few links:


Is this on Windows or Mac OS?

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We do not have the specific Wacom tablet that you have mentioned, but we can confirm that, on the Mac, using Wacom Driver 6.3.29-6, both the touch and pen are functioning when using the Intuos Pro PTH-860 tablet.

In the Wacom Tablet preferences in the Kyma preferences, set the Cursor Behavior to "Do not click, but control cursor".

answered Apr 10, 2018 by ssc (Savant) (127,180 points)


On Windows there's something missing in the Wacom prefs?

I see a cursor behaviour at yours but not mine.

Just installed: Wacom Driver 6.3.29-6, both the touch and pen are functioning when using the Intuos Pro PTH-860 tablet on Windows 10 confirmation. Windows 10 needed a two times restart (Thanks SSC!).

Wacom Pen & Finger controls tester: