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Kyma encountered this unexpected condition: Key not found: SimpleDelay

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Having Kyma system just for two days. I am not sure if I'm posting this on the right place, but from the day one I am getting an error message. :(


This is my first time that I am using the system. Makes me worry if I did anything wrong. I followed all the steps in the setup instructions. All the prototypes are working (amazing sounding! ) except the ' Delay (1 samp) '. The moment it is used, the error pops up. Any idea how to fix this?

Would very much appreciate any help!


Kyma encountered this unexpected condition:  Key not found: SimpleDelay

This may have occurred due to a problem in one of your Sounds.
The following information is provided to help you track down the problem. If you continue to get this message after having made sure there are no problems in your Sound, please contact Symbolic Sound customer support for assistance.

asked Apr 13, 2018 in Using Kyma by robert-pravda (Practitioner) (310 points)

1 Answer

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The most recent version of Kyma added an optimization for the DelayWithFeedback module that requires a Paca(rana) firmware update. When Kyma starts, please follow the instructions on the screen for updating the firmware and then this problem will go away.

answered Apr 13, 2018 by ssc (Savant) (124,970 points)
Thanks a lot! Everything works fine now.