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PresetChange + VCS = !Confusion

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Dearest Kymaverse,

I am very happy with my drum synthesis progress and wanted to bounce a demo. I have a nice timeline arranged, with presets of interest. Using the presetchange is one of my unexplored areas and I desire to master it.

Unfortunately I can't get the ball rolling. Perhaps I have misunderstood the functionality.  The sound description seems fairly straight forward. Integers, !Events, and or Capytalk to trigger the change.

I have tried:

A) Putting it into a standalone sound and seeing if !TriggerNext appears in the VCS.

B) Putting it at a couple at points with integers to define the movement. (Expecting the master Preset to change?)

C) Trying !Events on a longer sound on a track on the timelne. But no !Controls appear.

Why won't they appear? I think I have go the wrong end of the stick somehow?


asked May 27, 2018 in Using Kyma by charlienorton (Adept) (2,650 points)
Would love to see a demo. I'm yet to delve into drum synthesis on Kyma. A kick start would be amazing!

2 Answers

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It was disabled in the preferences!!!! I am now in control of my presets!!! WHOOOP. cool

answered May 27, 2018 by charlienorton (Adept) (2,650 points)
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Alternatively, in the Timeline, you could add Markers at the times when you'd like the layout and/or preset to change. To associate a layout update with a Marker, double-click the Marker. Then you can select a Layout and Preset change that should occur at that point in time.
answered May 27, 2018 by ssc (Savant) (118,030 points)