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Sample/GrainCloud Density Question

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I'm wondering why there seems to be a "sweet spot" in Sample and GrainCloud's Density values. Meaning the signal gets very soft at high density values but reaches its loudest roughly at its middle. Is this due to some kind of phase cancellation going on amongst the grains?

asked Jun 13, 2018 in Sound Design by rishdosh (200 points)

1 Answer

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In the GrainCloud prototype, it may be due to this EventExpression in the Amplitude parameter field:

0.25 * (1 - !Density) * !AmpLow

So the higher the value of !Density, the lower the value of (1 - !Density).

Could this explain the effect that you're hearing?

One way to test would be to replace the contents of the parameter field with something much simpler like:


and play the Sound again to hear if !Density and !AmpLow are independent of one another. 

answered Jun 13, 2018 by ssc (Savant) (120,590 points)