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How can I avoid zipper noise and crackles when playing recorded MixedWaves?

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I would like to mix two CrossfadingMulticycleOscillators into each other. The whole thing should then be recorded with the MemoryWriter and played back in a third sound source (Oscillator/OscillatorBank/sample...).

This creates enormous flexibility and you can intervene in the sound very early in its creation. The morphing/mixing should also happen in real time, so that the parameters can also be modulated.


The problem is that when you move the faders and potentiometers, you can clearly hear zipper sounds. These zipper sounds and crackles become the more intensive, the faster the mentioned !HotValues move. Among other things, I installed an audio smoother, but even that was unsuccessful. 

For further understanding I have attached the sound here.


asked Aug 15, 2018 in Sound Design by knut-kaulke (Adept) (1,940 points)

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Hi Knut,

If you use mixes of Morph1DOscillators (or the Morph2dOscillator or Morph3dOscillator) you should be able to get as much flexibility as you need without zipper noise and without the need to record and play back.

Part of the problem in the Sound you uploaded is that you can change the waveform while it is playing back from the recording, so there is no guarantee that there would not be a discontinuity in the waveform. So if you can avoid the record/playback step, that would take care of the problem.
answered Aug 15, 2018 by ssc (Savant) (119,300 points)
Yes, you are right, these prototypes (Morph1DOscillators, Morph2dOscillator or Morph3dOscillator) are really good when you mix oscillators together.

But what if you want to use the sounds of real-time mixing oscillators in prototypes like the OscillatorBank of GrainCloudResynthesis? The result would be a real-time morphing waveform in an OscillatorBank or GrainCloudResynthesis.  Is there any other way to do this than with the MemoryWriter?
Hi Knut, if you want to record into a wavetable and use that wavetable as an oscillator, you would have to ensure that you are not changing the wavetable in the middle of a cycle; otherwise you are likely to introduce a discontinuity. Maybe you could mute the output while the morph fader is moving or try to change it very slowly (possibly by putting it through the AveragingLowPassFilter).
There is also a Morph1DGrainCloud and a SpectrumFromSingleCycle that you may find interesting.