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Bug: Unhandled FireWire bus reset... - in Timeline.

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New user, first post.

I'm just getting my little toe wet in Kyma, and oh boy, what an adventure.

Today was "Timeline Study Day", going through that particular Kyma X Revealed section, and using the Haiku.ktl tutorial. By doing something stupid, I think I discovered a quite serious bug. I entered a timeline cursor position in its display field -- trying to set the cursor to its starting position, and accidentally set it to 1-0-0 (instead of 1-1-0). The cursor then quickly scrolls to the end of the timeline, and Kyma pops up the following error message:

Unhandled FireWire bus reset or a FireWire error (22)

The Pacarana then looses its connection, and one has to re-initialize Kyma to get it going again. I've repeated this several times just to be sure, and always got the same error.

Specs: Kyma 7.23f4, on an modern iMac. Motu UltraLite Mk3 as interface running @ 96kHz, and a whole bunch of overpriced Apple TB3 adapters.

Thank you for looking into this !

asked Sep 16, 2018 in Using Kyma by guy-drieghe-d (130 points)
We'll add some protection against someone entering a beat 0 when they intended to enter beat 1. Thanks.
I'm sure SSC will be investigating the FireWire issue as a priority, but the G/UI point is something that new users often perceive as an issue. A few things to bear in mind:

A) You will get used to it, and then after a while, you will get tired of other overblown uber designed cycle hogging flashy UI and long for the simple and functional aesthetic of Kyma. (Who knows, might even influence your own design decisions. hehehe)
B) You won't believe me, but it really has come along way.
C) There are some funky (relatively functional picture embeds) things you can do with the VCS now. I'm sure you will be able to come up with some innovative uses of the functionality.
D) If you have worthwhile suggestions for improvement in this arena, (which can be deployed without a complete re-write), I'm sure they will be taken seriously. (Many features have been explored from forum contributions!)

Welcome to !Kyma, if you need someone to chat over anything, don't hesitate to reach out.
Thanks, Charlie! Best way for people to offer feedback/suggestions/bug reports is via email to We'd like to keep the Q&A as a space for the community to help answer/ask questions and solve sound design challenges together!
Thank you for your comment - it's appreciated.
I am aware of how arrogant it may come across when a toddler tells the adults in the room that his pacifier has the wrong color, especially on his first day in kindergarten, but to be honest, I fail to understand why an application of such depth and reach, and with such heritage, does not comply to modern-day UI standards.
That's not about aesthetics -- each to his own -- but rather about usability and functionality. Kyma could be so much more efficient to use if only it adhered to the most basic guidelines of current GUI design. The last time I had to walk over to the lower right corner of a window to resize it, must have been two decades ago. Or click in a window to be able to scroll its contents, etcetera. Little things like that make it harder to use, and are counter-productive, which I think is a shame.
But the thing that ehm, bugs me the most, is the non-scaleability and bitmap-iness of Kyma's interface. I really have to discern that one rotating pixel (in Timeline's tiny pan circle) on a 5120x2880 display ?

No doubt I'll get used to it once I dig deeper & deeper into it (to which I'm looking forward to), but for now I'm constantly wondering why my hard-earned dexterity of elegantly navigating a GUI has been thrown out of the window (no pun) every time I launch Kyma.

Other than that: wow. Just wow. :-)
Thanks, as it turns out, all of the points mentioned are already in the process of being implemented in the new version. :-)
Thank you ! :-)
Is there a rough timeline on when a new version will drop? ;) Salivating...

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It will be available with the next update.

Thanks for reporting it.
answered Sep 16, 2018 by ssc (Savant) (124,560 points)