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Multichannel audio doesn't open in the editor

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Hi everyone!

When I am trying to open multchannel audio in the editor an error message appears. The same files are playing fine in timeline or grid, just doesn't  open in editor. It happens with all .wav and .aif multichannel files (quadra, hexa, octa). The stereo files are all working fine.
asked Oct 2, 2018 in General by robert-pravda (280 points)
Are you opening a split-surround (one file per channel) recording? The wave editor works with split-surround or stereo. Could you please email us a short example of one of your files that does not open so we can take a look at it? Thanks!
It is an interleaved 4 (or more) channel sound file. That's it, I have to split the channels then first. I didn't realise that. Thanks for a fast respond.

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