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Offsetting a timeindex with another to keep spectral frames in sync

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I'm trying to record a spectrum with a memorywriter and then replay it while being able to manipulate in different ways.

First of all I want to play it back slower.

When I record with memorywriter and play it back I use SampleWithTimeIndex and a TimeIndex. At normal speed at works fine, but as I try to slow down, I of course get in trouble with my oscillatorbank expecting the same framesize but my SampleWithTimeIndex of course playing it slower, and probably interpolating. I thought of just ouputting frames of the same size, but looping each frame so to say. I wanted to do it with my TimeIndex looping around at 1 frame at a time, and then being offset 1 frame by another TimeIndex. This way I could do it sort of Phase Vocoder-style (as I've understood it).
Is there a way to do this at sample accuracy? Having a time index offsetting another timeindex.
If my recorded buffer is  100 * ?framelength, one timeindex would be scaled down 1/100 and the other would offset it of it's total path 1/100'th at a time. Maybe using SampleAndHold.

I've attached the sound I was trying to do it with, building on the FrameSync-example I found here in the q&a.
I think I understood FrameSync... But this is of course another aspect of keeping frames in sync, and I might be in over my head.


I don't know if this question is nonsense, as I'm venturing in to the low-level prototypes


Keeping frames in sync

asked Nov 18, 2018 in Using Kyma by anders-skibsted (Practitioner) (950 points)
edited Nov 18, 2018 by anders-skibsted
Turns out Neverengine Labs have done more or less what I was trying to do (and a whole lot more!), and that I had it right under my nose all along... I'll use their classes for now, and try and see if I can figure out exactly how they do it.
I couldnt reccommend Never Engine Labs more highly. They are doing awesome stuff.

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