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CSG not playing from within tool

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I have a Sound consisting of 8 GenericSource sounds feeding an Output8 sound. The Scale for each of the generic sources is a compass point parameter(?) -- i.e. !WNW, !NNW, ... !WSW. The samples are all disk files. I've tried it with both Source set to Disk and Source set to RAM. Playing it from within a compiled sound grid, all is well.

However, when I try using it in a Tool, I get nothing. I've shortened the tool to the bare minimum -- I think -- to get a sound to play.  Starting from a New... Edit Tool..., the only thing I've added is:

Global variable Sounds (compiled sound grid) pointing to my PRG file,

Initial State:
  Local variables:
    wnw (number) Set value options: !WNW Write only
    (etc, for each of the 8 variables)

    wnw := nnw := ... wsw := 0.5.
    Sounds playSoundNamed 'RadiEight'.

A view opens with nothing in it, but no sound plays. What am I missing?

asked Jun 11, 2015 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by kevin-cole (Adept) (1,050 points)
Apparently a matter of the Output8 not being able to pass the Scale settings from the GenericSource sounds? Further experimentation with Matrix8 in place of Output8 suggests that the problem is not with the Tool code, but rather the choice of Sound. I think.
Could you please attach the simple tool & Sound example?  Thanks!

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