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Is there an easy way to post an answer with syntax highlighting?

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Um... the question is in the title I suppose.

I've sometimes posted screenshots of code because the colours are nice, but of course you can't cut and paste from it.

I have occassionally coloured the text manually in the answer editor... but only when I had the perverse compulsion to set fire to time and cover it in bees.
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asked Nov 23, 2018 in General by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (14,390 points)
Sadly, I think the only options are screenshots or hand-changing the colors (or maybe a combination of screenshot with pasted text). Or perhaps if one really wanted to call in the bees (more like angry wasps), one could write a syntax parser and set the colors in HTML in the copy buffer before pasting into the answer field? Hmmmm...will add that idea to the list...
The never ending list of cool things like the teasmade interface...

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